Our clients have the final say when it comes to our success, read what they say.

Sally is capable, professional and generous of spirit. She made everything so easy, giving us an understanding of what we needed to do and then helping us to achieve it. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her knowledge and gently guiding us through the twists and turns with insight and commitment. Her ability to be meticulous and creative all at once is truly impressive. Sally is truly a joy to work with.
Alison Rodriguez – FIT Congress Convenor

Sally Porteous is a true professional in every sense of the word. From the initial meeting to the delivery of the final product and post-project debrief. She immerses herself in every new project as if it was her very own! Sally “talks the talk” AND “walks the walk”!
Christine Moody – Brand Audits

We have engaged Sally to manage a corporate event for us and also the sponsorship and exhibition for an industry conference. Sally is proactive, professional and fun to work with. She is attentive to all the details required to ensure a successful event and is persistent in following through on these. Sally helps take all the headaches out of running a successful event. I would recommend Sally and Red Lanyard to anyone who needs to ensure that their event is run professionally, with a focus on the best outcomes for your business.
Dr. Monique Beedles – Teak Yew

Sally is efficient, thorough and a pleasure to work with. No job is too small or too large, she is constantly looking for new challenges and for ways to help the unit become more efficient.
Vanessa Cassard in her role as Business Development Manager, TransLink

Our committee appointed Sally in the January to run a Street Fair in June. The event was very successful and it would not have been achieved without Sally Porteous coordinating it. She worked tirelessly in new territory for all of us and delivered a fantastic event within budget that was the envy of all. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally to anyone else to run their events in the future.
Robert Cooper – CPR Insurance & past President of Wilston Business Network

Sally is a very enthusiastic, focused and dedicated Music Industry operator. She has a vast amount of experience in getting artists through the various windows of opportunity. In this tough game – Sally is a fresh light that leads the way in a whole range of Music and Entertainment solutions.
Greg Dodge – Intercultural Development

Those who work in the music, media and entertainment business know it’s a world full of divas, egos, frauds and down right crazies.  Sally Porteous is NOT one of these.  She is one of the most professional, friendly and helpful women in this industry and has gone out of her way in the past to help me get my job done.  It is always a pleasure working with her and for her and I would recommend her services to anyone who has the good fortune of teaming up with her.  Shelby also rocks! 
Justine Lowrance – Radio 4KQ’s Entertainment Reporter, The Lady in Pink & Creative Writer for the Australian Radio network

“I came across Sally when she was working full-time for Nightowl. We worked together on a complex outdoor Anzac Day concert in Queensland and we had to do everything – publicity, promotions, travel, accommodation, production, client liaison – the works. Sally was great. On any number of occasions she could have, quite reasonably, spat the chewie and no-one would have blamed her. But she didn’t  – and in delivering everything her organisation promised, she earned my respect, admiration and affection. There’s always a seat for Mustang Sally in the Vagabond Crew’s Tarrago.”
John Schumann (ex Redgum) and the Vagabond Crew

I have had the pleasure of working with Sally Porteous during her time with Nightowl Entertainment and I have always been impressed with her professionalism, courteousness, promptness, attention to details and personable manner.  Sally is now branching out into her own business, Mustang Promotions and I would have no hesitation in saying that I am sure we will still be assured of the same friendly and professional service.
Judy Whicker, General Manager, Gladstone Festivals & Events

We used Mustang Promotions Virtual Assistant Services to get ready for the launch of a great new concept called FANBOX LIVE where we have created an entirely new music community dedicated to helping musicians get their music heard.  Engaging Sally as our Virtual Assistant has enabled us to get on with the development of the concept while they assist with the development of our brand.  The database information they have provided and built has been invaluable to our preparations of the launch of FANBOX LIVE.  Totally professional, always willing to do whatever it takes.
Marcos Gil – Fanbox Live

I’ve been writing music all my life but only starting performing a few years ago thanks to the help encouragement from Gavin & Lorraine Butlin at Bakers Creek Tavern and then Sally.  Giving me the opportunity to support amazing Australian musicians on Queensland tours and now helping with the administration and publicity required to launch my upcoming album, means I can focus on my music knowing someone else is helping take care of the business side.  If you need someone who will just get in and get the job done, Mustang Promotions can help in all areas.
Jode Bonney – Artist

At Janelle’s Hair & Beauty, we pride ourselves in fast efficient service for the budget conscious consumer.  As such, we are extremely busy and don’t always have the time to worry about the little administrative tasks that need to be done on a day to day basis.  Sally’s Virtual Assistant Services has been of great benefit to us in the past, providing us with marketing assistance, desktop publishing, letter writing and advertising liaison.  We have always found the services to be professional, confidential and fast, helping us serve our customers more efficiently and effectively.  We now engage Mustang Promotions Virtual Assistant Services to look after the co-ordination of all our marketing, publicity, printing & advertising needs, as well as the ad-hoc administration tasks that continuously arise.
Janelle Burgess – Owner

It’s rare to have someone that can take a project and complete it not only on time but in a format that surpasses your expectations each and every time.  I’m no “slouch” with Microsoft products but Sally always added a level of creativity and spice to projects no matter how big or small.  I was the Finance Director and CFO of Couriers Please Pty Ltd working with Sally for a number of years and I congratulate Sally on the launch of her business.
Dominic Quilligan – in his role as CFO, Couriers Please.

I have had the great pleasure of having Sally Porteous work for me for a number of years.  In that time she had proven she was a competent, creative, trustworthy, reliant, and hardworking employee who would venture on to become successful in her own right.  Over the past years I have seen her grow into that successful person, who is valued by not only employers, but any contact she has with people in her own business.  Success comes from hard work and honesty.
D.E. Sharvell

I have worked with Mustang Promotions on many occasions and have had my expectations constantly exceeded. Sally is a tremendous powerhouse of ideas and works constantly to ensure the projects she oversees are completed on time and on budget. Sally is very professional, courteous and a great listener and understands her clients needs and requirements. I will continue to use her services and highly recommend her to anybody needing a great job performed.
Wernher Pramschufer – Great Music

I have known Sally Porteous of Mustang Promotions for quite some time and over the years we’ve worked on a variety of projects together. Sally is very driven, dedicated and innovative. Sally’s vast experience and knowledge of the music industry gives her the ‘edge’ and I have nothing but praise for her in her field of work. I look forward to my continuing business relationship with her and I certainly recommend Sally for anyone considering the same.
Brenda Vincent – Ice Management

“Sally is a vivacious and organised business woman with a particular flair for event management. Her events are well thought out, creative and personable. For me sally represents a heartflet welcome whenever she enters the room, willing and able to engage everyone towards a common vision. I believe Sally would be an asset to any business requiring great Leadership.
Brad Harker – in his role with Westfield Management as an Executive and QUT FEW Mentor

“Sally and I have been on the Fostering Executive Women Committee for the last 12 months. In that time I worked with Sally developing the Executive Conversation program for the year. Sally also worked on the FEW Mentor program and coordinated our annual gala dinner. Sally is an events coordinator/manager/creator extraordinaire. She is quick to understand what is required from the broadest concept to the minutest detail…..and nothing is too much trouble. Sally makes it happen! and she makes it happen to meet – or indeed – exceed her clients expectations. Further, she is full of grace and humour in all she does. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally to lead/develop/manage your next event!
Sandra Nugent – Coordinator Executive Conversations, Fostering Executive Women.

“Sally Porteous is direct, efficient, honest and effective. I met her first as a university student, one of the postgrads it’s a delight to work with – people who choose higher education for a purpose, know why they’re there, and commit heartily yet critically to activities. Then I knew her as an Edgie – an ethical entrepreneur and part of a peer network in Brisbane and beyond which encourages and supports creative business that makes a difference. As was the case at the university, Sally embraced the opportunities we provided and in return added energy, confidence and verve to the group. Now I know her as an entrepreneurial peer, and I look forward to further conversations and perhaps even collaborations in the world of ethical commerce. I strongly recommend her services.”
Michael Doneman – Owner, Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship

Sally successfully produced the end of event concert for City Romp in 2008. In the space of 2 months, Sally single-handedly identified candidate acts, contacted their managers/agents to negotiate their involvement and meticulously planned all details of the concert, including the preparation of promotional notes to publicise the concert to the music press. On Romp day, Sally produced and stage-managed the concert to perfection, ensuring that the needs of all bands were met at that the tight running sheet was delivered with precision. The level of dedication and professionalism shown by Sally was exceptional and I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally as the producer and stage manager of any major concert.
Brendon Grail – Event Director – Brisbane City Romp – www.cityromp.com.au

“I came across Sally when she was working for Nightowl. We worked together on a complex outdoor Anzac Day concert in Queensland and we had to do everything – publicity, promotions, travel, accommodation, production, client liaison – the works. Sally was great.  On any number of occasions she could have, quite reasonably, spat the chewie and no-one would have blamed her. But she didn’t – and in delivering everything her organisation promised, she earned my respect, admiration and affection. There’s always a seat for Mustang Sally in the Vagabond Crew’s Tarrago.”
John Schumann (ex Redgum) and the Vagabond Crew – www.schumann.com.au/john

Sally has fantastic attention to detail and a strategic mind which is an essential asset in the music industry. Planning and execution of artist careers is a rare service and Sally provides it with the personality and compassion required to get real results.
Stephen Green – CEO SGC Media Group