I always thought I could build a website myself. All the website companies tell me I can. They all show me how easy it is, heck I can build one in a day if I need to! I was romanced into thinking that this was true and I set about signing up for one of the platforms and launched into building my website.

You see, I had bought the number plates 3V3NT5 which I thought was pretty cool on it’s own. But then I noticed people looking at the plates, trying and eventually succeeding in working out what it said. Can you guess? If you guessed “events” you would be right! So, I raced home realising that I had a marketing opportunity. I would buy the url www.3v3nt5.com.au and set up a website that was a portal to all my event endeavours. Easy right?

Well first of all, I’ve bought domain names before so I just went to that supplier, done. But then I needed hosting and I didn’t want to use the provider I had been using so I searched for another one. So I pick another one based on no good reason and of course it doesn’t work out and thankfully after 45 minutes of finding the refund button, I am scheduled to get a refund within 7 days.

But that’s okay, I’ve decided to use the WordPress platform to build my site. It’s easy they say, you’ll be able to do it n no time they say, you’ll have it up and running and selling your product in 24 hours they say. All I can tell you is that weeks later, I’m still trying to get the website finished. Not through any fault of WordPress though.

Here’s the problem. I don’t know how to design a website. I can look at all the templates in the world and they’re all beautiful. But how do I get my content to fit into that template, and be user friendly, attractive, have good SEO, offer all the necessary plug ins that I want to use, and offer my customer and easy experience to buy from me?

So herein lies the problem, we’re not at a loss for tools. There are plenty of tools available. But we are at a loss for the fundamentals, the building blocks, the elements we have to consider first, before we engage the tool.

So in my view, the first thing you do is engage a professional, if only for a strategic planning session. They will provide you with the milestones along the way, the points where you might like to check in, and the end point where it’s time to call the professional.

Event planning isn’t dissimilar. We can help you strategically plan your event and get you started with the right foundations. We offer coaching to check in along the way, and give you pointers and scenarios for you to consider, for when and if, it’s time to call a professional. In this world where we can and do want to do a lot of things ourselves, it pays to know when it will be a costly exercise in time or money.

If you would like to evaluate your own event planning skills, send me an email to sally@redlanyard.com.au and I will send you a really cool self-assessment tool that will show you where you may need to get help, and where you’re fine on your own.

And yes, I’m calling a professional to finish my website tomorrow!

Get in touch sally@redlanyard.com.au