Last week we had the pleasure of coordinating a virtual conference for Marney Perna and Kinique Kinesiology.

When everyone is doing whatever they can to pivot their business to a “no-touch” version, health practitioners, in my view, have the most difficult task. So much of our health and wellness is detected by the in-person experience, and no more so than the practice of kinesiology. If you’ve never heard of this practice before, or are curious to understand what it’s all about, contact Marney at Kinique Kinesiology and she will explain it to you in a way that is easy to digest and understandable.

Marney contacted me about helping her take an event that she wanted to deliver, across online platforms to reach a wide section of audience. Marney was experienced in delivering events and was confident she would be able to work out the technology required to deliver this event online. Heck, she had been using Zoom for a long time to consult with some clients, so putting on a webinar through the same platform would be easy.

How we helped Marney was through supporting her presenters. You see, you might have all the confidence in the world to jump online and deliver your content, but if you’re engaging other people to come on this journey with you, they may not have the same level of confidence.

Marney knew that she needed to be free to deliver the best content she could, which meant she needed someone to help out her presenters in case they needed it, and also to handle any technology questions. Additionally she needed someone to manage the questions coming in from the audience, and this is where I come in.

It’s just like having your own stage manager. I contacted all the Presenters and assisted them to create the environment that would best suit their audience needs, established their level of comfort in presenting online and supported them accordingly, and on the day, kept time, chatted in the background and communicated with the audience and Presenters to keep the flow of conversation going.

Marney said, “Your behind the scenes assistance was amazing and so helpful. I would have seemed so much more distracted if I had been looking at the questions constantly. I also know that the video would not have happened without you as for some reason it didn’t record on my Zoom profile!”

And from a Presenter, “It was great Marney had you ‘backstage’, and in this era of multi+multi tasking – I think you demonstrated how smooth and more professional it can be having you supporting behind the screen.

I encourage you to watch the video above and learn more about kinesiology, it certainly fascinated me.