FAQ Corner

My friend Jayne from Glamping Hire Co is a super clever woman who is a stunning story teller. Her glamping experiences are incredible and we chat most days business, life and everything else in between. One day Jayne said “you should publish these answers on your website. I’ve never had conversations with anyone that knows the answer to almost any question I ask”. So I thought I would take Jayne’s advice and here’s a growing list of FAQs from all areas of life, business, networking, events and whatever else I dabble in on a day to day basis. (caveat: these are not Jayne’s questions and names have been changed to protect the innocent).

If you would like to work with me personally on any aspect of marketing through the medium of events, or for coaching or workshops on event and conference planning, drop me an email to sally@redlanyard.com.au

Another Reader on Facebook Asks…

What’s the difference between a Coach, a Mentor and a Teacher ?

Think of it like levels of one on one contact. The teacher is very hands on and giving very structured lessons in a controlled environment. A coach is taking their experience, combined with the talent of the subject and helping them get better and better at what they already do. Its more of a fluid environment with a little less control. And a mentor is at arms length again, leading the mentee on a journey. Asking the right questions, encouraging action and forward motion, and where possible sharing insights and connections.

Reader on Facebook Asks…

Looking for some ideas please. I am celebrating a business anniversary next week. Because of the current virus climate the event will be held via Facebook live. I would love to make the event online special so hoping that some of you might have some suggestions, ideas of things I could do or share for the event. It will be my 26th anniversary.

Here’s my thoughts on how to make an online event like this special.

Okay, here’s 2. If you were going to thank anyone, you could get someone to turn up at their doorstep, knock on the door and film them receiving the give with you on a video call – think the money giveaways on the morning show where that cow shows up, or what they do on the Ellen show where she’s in the studio and the PR person is on location. And on that note, just think of any online event like you’re producing (or watching) a television show. You want to entertain people and it’s simple to just translate what you see successful TV shows do, to the online world. Think talk shows, game shows, reality TV, soap operas. We all have to become actors, directors and producers – get exciting :). I hope that helps and if you feel like it, follow me Red Lanyard where I share my blogs and articles. Good luck.

How Can I be of Service

This situation that we find ourselves in here in March of 2020 with COVID-19 spreading its way around the world, has offered me insight on what to do and/or say during times of crisis, distress or concern.

I asked my coach, how do I keep my mind positive and keep moving in a forward direction, when the world around me is talking destruction, devastation and distress. She said to me, think of how you can be of service. How can you do what you do, and provide even better service now?

I thought this was amazing advice and has driven every decision, conversation and promotion that I have delivered since. It has given me an anchor, a sense of authenticity and allows me to still talk about my business, my work and my passion, without being concerned about being insensitive.

If I am being of service, I am assisting those that need my assistance. This little question might help you navigate this time.

How do I Choose which Social Media Platform I want my Post Shared From?

I have no idea! But there’s lots of people on the inter-webs that do.

My friend uses Wix for their website and every time they share to Facebook from their website, it shows up in their personal page, not their business page. They asked me if I knew what to do. No I know that I said before that I know everything… Well I didn’t really, I said I had an answer for everything, and the answer for this one is to ask your Internet network.

Super simple, jump on your favourite group where you think people who might know these answers, hang out and simply ask the question. Don’t be afraid that people will want to sell to you, they will. But there will be a higher proportion of people willing to help you out. Give it a try next time you’re trying to figure something out. In this knowledge economy nothing is impossible.

And if you know the answer, feel free to post it below!

I’m trying to create a Facebook sign up form but it wants a link to my privacy policy. What’s that?

A privacy policy is what you have when you gather people’s data. The policy (rules) that you are governed by in relation to what you are going to do with that data once received. Google “privacy policy” and no doubt you will receive an abundance of ideas on what to write. But in simple terms, a privacy policy outlines what you will or won’t do with that persons information. It can be short or long but must not break any laws and people must be able to “opt in/out” easily. Be sure to check your country’s privacy regulations for specifics. You will find a link to Australia’s privacy act here.

Once you’ve written your privacy policy, you can add it to your website and communication channels such as emails, social media channels, etc, and once it’s on your website, you can include the link with your Facebook form and you should be good to go!

What’s a USP?

USP stands for unique selling proposition. It’s a marketing term that essentially means what is unique about your product or service that would encourage someone to buy yours over something seemingly exactly the same. A USP is what your “differentiator” is between yourself and your competitor. For example, my USP is that I become invested in your project whether you want me to or not. I love to learn about new subject matter and love to share my knowledge. So when you get me, you not only get an event or conference planner, but you get the knowledge behind all these FAQ’s as well.