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Event ideas

We know you want value for money, a stress free experience and an audience reaction that exceeds expectations. Some of you want to meet with us regularly and others want to meet with us once. You want a company that gets things done, brings creative ideas to the table and consistently says “sure! we can make that work”.


You’re a business development manager that needs to bring your clients together. You’re a PA whose boss has just asked you to plan a Christmas party for 300 staff or maybe you’re a PCO who’s getting buried under the burden of delivering a conference a week. Sometimes you’re a small business owner who wants to run a workshop or creative networking event, and sometimes you’re a project manager that just needs to get the team together.


Whoever you are we can help you get it done, help you deliver beyond expectations and make sure your audience gets exceptional value from your event. Here’s some ideas to bring people together and add value to your marketing strategy, whether it’s social, a celebration, serves a purpose or needs to sell a product:


A conference is a great way to share knowledge, generate debate and bring ideas together. Typically delivered by large corporations, franchise companies, Government and industry, a well constructed conference can build brand awareness, spark creative problem solving and motivate members.

A conference generally consists of a series of workshops, interesting speakers, social events and delivery of audience specific content. If you have a membership base or sales force that is spread across various locations, a conference is a great way to bring people together to help them feel more connected and to share ideas.

Trade Show

trade show is a great way to bring people together with similar interests or needs. Held over one or more days a trade show is an opportunity for suppliers who meet the needs of a particular industry to showcase their products and services all under the one roof.

If you need to profile your product or service to a particular segment, a trade show is a valuable option to get in front of a large number of people in a very short time. When strategically planned, exhibiting at a trade show can give you a long list of qualified leads, with confidence you’re investing in an audience that is interested in your product or service.

Another great addition to the marketing mix is creating your own trade show and inviting complementary services to exhibit. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and is a great way to get to know other companies in your industry, build strategic alliances and provide your customer with a full spectrum of products and services to meet their needs.

Product launch

So it’s finally ready, you’ve been working on it for months or years and you’re desperate to get it into the market place and get some return on your investment. Rather than simply put it out there for sale, you might like to consider officially launching your product or service and in doing so, attract the attention of potential customers, media and industry.

Hosting a product launch is a great way to build brand awareness, thank all the people that helped you along the way, as well has generate free publicity through inviting the media to engage with you and your customers to get the real story. A product launch delivered in unique locations and to a specialised audience can generate more sales at the launch phase than typical advertising results.


It’s getting harder and harder to invigorate staff and help them feel the love for your company. Many large organisations invest in incentivising their staff by designing a program that provides opportunities outside the scope of the workplace, delivered on reaching particular goals. Incentives provide outstanding results to areas such as sales and business development and the real estate, party plan and hospitality industries have been using incentives in their marketing mix for years.

Whether you have a small staff or hundreds of staff, an incentive program will reinvigorate lost motivation, provide added value and purpose to your employee’s work and provide an opportunity for teamwork, individual reward and recognition.


Awarding people and companies for a job well done is not just for the big companies. Awards provide benefit to both the recipient and the company giving the award and it’s not just for meeting sales targets. Industry associations award the best in their industry, companies award the best staff in their field and from way back when we were in school, award ceremonies have been a major motivator in our pursuit to do well.

Award ceremonies are generally a social occasion with official proceedings throughout but the most successful award ceremonies are the ones that have conducted the award process strategically and fairly from conception to announcement to judging and evaluation. Making sure it’s a fair and equitable process for the contenders is crucial to the success of any award program.


Bringing people together provides such enormous value to all involved. Networking has had its bad days and good days and creating networking events specific to your audience is a great way to make sure yours is one of the “good” ones. The trick is to combine your needs with the needs of your audience, bringing the right people together and providing an environment that generates innovation and creativity, and at the same time provides you with an opportunity to show people what you’re passionate about.

Two hours is all it takes to engage, connect and help like minded people with a desire to make friends and discover new things. Proven results come from networking and good results come from a good networking event, where you learn something, meet someone great and head back to the office with a bunch of new ideas.

Training & Workshops

With so much to learn and so little time to learn it in, delivering an effective training session that engages your audience is a critical component in maintaining productivity and encouraging growth. Offsite training provides an opportunity for your audience to engage with each other, share ideas, learn something new and provide feedback and ideas.

Facilitated training and workshopping means that the event remains focused. A facilitator is someone who moves things along when they get stagnant, holds things up when great ideas emerge, they encourage shy people to engage and gently quiet those that don’t stop.

Whether you have a new product or service that you want to share and generate discussion or perhaps it’s a session on what you want to achieve in the next year, a facilitated training session or workshop is an ideal forum to ensure audience engagement.

Social business

Social business events are the latest in bringing people together without all the structure of a typical meeting or networking event. If you really just want to introduce your clients to each other or hang out with like minded people, a social business event is ideal.

Conducted in a variety of settings, a social business event is simply about creating an environment where people can relax, meet like minded individuals, share ideas and make new contacts. Events like this are a great break from structured networking or workshops. Your audience will appreciate the social nature of the event and if you bring the right people together, creative genius may arise.


Whether you’re celebrating your own achievements, holding a Christmas party or end of financial year party, fun is the result you want for your audience. People love to celebrate and celebrating someone else’s success is always a well attended event.

Celebrations are fairly unstructured and focus around entertainment. Providing great entertainment is what will have your audience talking about your event for days to come. It’s important to remember that a jam packed program isn’t necessarily the best program. A well produced celebration that delivers outstanding results will truly be the icing on the celebration cake.


The ultimate gathering is a festival. Whether it is music, art or ideas, a festival creates an incredible energy that is experienced for days to come. The festival program is the most important consideration and it must deliver a sameness and variety your audience expects. The value of the festival must be communicated throughout and a well programmed festival generates enormous community support long after the festival has ended.

Many companies sponsor festivals and this can be a great way to enhance your marketing strategy.