Red Lanyard - Are your artists maximising opportunity?
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Are your artists maximising opportunity?

09 Mar Are your artists maximising opportunity?

I recently produced the entertainment component of 3 events and presented around 10 local musicians.  The event was a local business expo which attracted about 6000 people.  Every performer was given the opportunity to sell merchandise and promote upcoming activities and was encouraged to bring along whatever they could to promote themselves inside the venue.

Now, while every artist promoted the event at least once on their Facebook page, only 3 of the 12 artists brought along product or information to promote.  They all played for free (albeit to be guaranteed a paid spot on a festival) and I was surprised at their lack of attention to the promotional opportunity this event held.

I encourage all artists, no matter how good you are, if you don’t give the audience something to take away with them at the end of the event, how will they remember you the next day?  How many times have you gone to work to tell someone about a great performance you had happened across over the weekend, only to discover that you can’t remember who on earth they were!

Entertainment production is a team sport with vast opportunities to build on the possible audience that has been placed in front of you.  Don’t waste that opportunity, don’t be afraid to promote yourself and if you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself, engage your biggest fan to come along and do it for you.

These performers on the weekend were absolutely awesome, every single one of them an extremely talented local.  But the only people who will remember their name are the ones that were so engaged, they came up to speak with them.  The ones down the back, hiding in the corner, too shy to engage – they’re gone and can only be rediscovered through someone’s Facebook page – but only if you’re in their circle or subsequent circles.

If an event producer says, bring along whatever you want to promote – do it.  I can give you the stage, the sound, the lighting (and if it’s in my control) the audience.  What you do with it, is completely up to you.